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Why Blockchain,
Why now?
Blockchain, and Reverse ICO
Blockchain systems and their decentralized structures open and share every protocol and outcomes of all transactions between service providers and users. Tampering with such data is impossible. Blockchain system of the 2nd generation or later introduced smart contract system that assures systematic compensation as an outcome of a successful transaction.
Since there are not many fields that provide a concrete business model using Blockchain systems, Reverse ICO, which connects real active businesses to Blockchain systems, has an advantage that the outcome of business can be verified promptly unlike generic cryptocurrency ICO. If investments are made into the current prediction and betting service business, usages of blockchain systems will result in secure and distinctive business models.
2018 Global Sales
generated from Gambling
2018 Global Sales generated from
Gambling Industry
2018 Global Sales generated from Gambling Industry
2018 Global Sales generated from Gambling Industry
Market Size of Prediction and Betting Services
Prediction and Betting Services are types of business common in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They are also highly profitable. At licensed online legal markets, yearly sales of worldwide gambling industries reach around 470 billion dollars it is projected to reach 3.9 trillion dollars if underground markets were to be considered. Using blockchain system which retains a premier feature of security and transparency, Betstore9 is developing global prediction and betting community platform, Scoinbet, based on technical advantages of cryptocurrency.
Global Prediction·Betting
Community Platform
Social Network Community based on Blockchain
Scoinbet provides various information on every content that can be predicted or bet on; then provides users a platform to share their predictions, debate, and make bets and games.
Unlike previous prediction and betting service providers focused on only generating profits by inciting gambling, Scoinbet is a reliable prediction and betting service and community platform which has eliminated every potential illegal aspect. Everyone can invite, participate, share and enjoy games in its Social Networking Service type user experience.
With unique technical capability with expert developers who have more than ten years of experience in Security, Game development or Block Chain, Betstore9 is working tirelessly on sports community and social casino services targeted to a worldwide market in Scoinbet platform.
Spreading over SNS
scoinbte widget
scoinbte widget
Services offered
Sports Community
Betstore9 receives and processes live match data and provide a variety of detailed informatics on ongoing matches and players as a sports community service, in association with Sportradar and Enetpluse, World’s top Live Raw Data providers.Details
Social Casino
Also, Scoinbet is developing social casino service, the final end content of betting services, that allows users to experience various table games and enjoy the best satisfactory experience.Details
Betstore9 is confident that Scoinbet’s sports community and social casino services would become a profitable pioneer business model based on Blockchain and lead the trend of similar models in related fields where trust between service providers and users is of the highest priority.
Decentralized Betting Ecosystem
As a global prediction and betting community platform, Scoinbet plans to expand its service so that users can share outcome predictions in sports or other disciplines and make betting games right away with other users on the network based on posted results. Such games can be easily and quickly shared through smart contract technology of blockchain system, as well as payment of compensations, achieving services with security and transparency.
Betstore9 will strive to create a decentralized betting ecosystem by further establishing a global store on prediction and betting services, providing API and settlement systems powered by Blockchain technology, as well as Scoinbet services. Then we will build up a support system so that anyone can start up their own prediction and betting services with the lowest cost.
Services offered
We create new values by sharing
our profits
Betstore9 is a tech corporation that provides a worldwide service with cutting-edge IT technology and accumulated know-how over the years. Also, we heed the principles of Blockchain, multilateral data storage technology. We will be a company that distributes profits, not monopolizing them. We want to create more values with the concept of sharing and dividing the fruit of everyone’s work. Bestore9 believes that constantly caring and sharing our achievements to the community are crucial for the betterment of society.
Young and fresh company! Always cares
about the youth
Betstore9 is bringing up the challenge to build an unorthodox multi-disciplinary business model. As these opportunities and growths became possible by support and advice of our trailblazers, we will lead our followers, the youth, by always nurturing and providing the support they need.
A company that turns darkness into light
Betstore9 proudly competes in a global market with our joyful contents. We will evade the dark corners of gaming culture but lead a bright entertainment industry which everyone can dive in. We will also be a company who does not forget people discarded in the dark corners of the society and lead those people into the warm light.
Betstore9 will keep engaging in a variety of activities that make contributions to society. We will let what our right hands have done by notifying and share every bit of our activities so that anyone can choose to take their part. We will strive to create a better community where everyone can enjoy and lead a happier life.
Sports Community
The transparent betting service, without any risk of fabrication,
connected to Exclusive Cryptocurrency
Sports Prediction and Betting market is a growing industry with the association of sports and big data. With verified data obtained by the affiliation with Sportradar and Enetpluse, world’s best sports informatics companies, Betstore 9 provides sports community services at Scoinbet in the form of Social Network, where everybody can invite, participate, share and enjoy.
Service using verified, refined data
Scoinbet provides live score service where a user can check up movement, score, stats, tick information in real time for each sporting match. Live chat service is also open for each event and competition. All the chats are automatically translated into various languages so that all users around the world can enjoy our service without any burden of communication.
Furthermore. Sportsbook services are also available using the verified data. We are also developing a fantasy sports service. Users can set up the virtual team with real players from major sports. You can become an owner or coach of the team and shive for mastery in leagues around the world. The outcome of each match is calculated with the most-up-to-date analytics of players who compose the team in real-life games.
user emgagement service
user emgagement service
User Interactive service where you can make your own profits
Scoinbet provides interactive prediction service and on-site live stream service where any user can participate and seek profits
User interactive Prediction service
Prediction service consists of AI Pick and User Pick. While Artificial Intelligence makes the selection striven to minimize any error using the existing big data, User Interactive Prediction service provides users an opportunity to reinterpret the verified data that Scoinbet offers, make a selection, then manage, share, and sell those selections in a Social Network account.
On-site live stream service
On-site live stream service allows users around the world to broadcast live sports by themselves. Users can obtain information on specific matches faster without relying on TV broadcasts. Users can attain on-hand details from the site even if the match does not come on TV at all. This broadcast stream also can be managed and shared at a Social Network account on Scoinbet.
user emgagement service
user emgagement service
Betstore9 is going to link sports community service to our exclusive cryptocurrency Scoin, cultivating a transparent prediction and betting culture without any forgery or fabrication, and developing a convenient settlement system that users can generate profits. We are planning to develop and distribute the system in the form of Apps or API as well.
Social Casino
Storage in Blockchain
Gaming information free of fabrication
Betstore9 provides final end content of SNS betting, a social casino service, through Scoinbet based on our exclusive cryptocurrency. Everyone can easily invite, participate, and share.
Social Casino Gaming Services
Scoinbet provides various tables games ranging from widely enjoyed real-time network card games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, OFC, to Blackjack, baccarat, roulettes. Users can enjoy those table games more expediently than real casinos. Additionally, we are preparing various slot games, classics to the most recent, so that all users, from novices to seasoned high rollers, can log out with satisfaction.
casino scramble
Different, specialized service
Enjoy the fun part of pattern analysis with the
provision of a variety of in-depth data
Enjoy the fun part of pattern
analysis with theprovision of
a variety of in-depth data
Scoinbet’s social casino service is operated based on hold’em tournaments. It provides gaming informatics to various players who can enjoy in-depth network game.
Special Clubs, Global Community
Bocial Casino Service, powered by Scoinbet’s community, enables users to create social clubs. The club system supports management function so that members of social clubs may host or operate interor intra-club tournaments. The system also provides numerous compensation structure and operating tool so that members help each other play the game better and improve the community.
Own your own casino and generate profits
Scoinbet’s social casino service provides tools to own and operate casinos, beyond just partaking and enjoying the game. The operator of a casino can customize and manage rules of games on the casino and attract users by offering events. The profits from the custom casino go to the operator.
Competition for ownership
Some custom casinos may host competition between clubs periodically with their operating rights at stake.
Social clubs may win or lose the operating rights by the outcome of the games. Such contests will become unique content to make thrilling dramas in betting games.
Guardians System
It is a unique aspect to online gaming platforms where users cannot feel in off-line casinos. With various guardians that users can obtain during the games to get luckier or earn more profits. Conversely, some guardians help users minimize the losses. Guardians can be acquired or modified; users can make them stronger by leveling them up to become more helpful to users’ needs.
Social Casino Service of Scoinbet was developed based on the exclusive cryptocurrency. Information from every game and transaction is shared through Blockchain, which precludes any possibility of tampering by the owner or operator. Procession and the outcomes of the games are always verified. Based on Smart Contract technology, every settlement of payments is technically assured to commensurate the result of games.
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